Raspberry Pi

My Raspberry Pi


I don't think I don't have to introduce the Raspberry Pi anymore, as it is quite famous by now. Much of the information in this corner of my web site apply to the Raspberry Pi and possibly most of its clones. Often the projects even apply to just about any Linux machine.
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My Minions

All my computers are named after famous Cartoon characters. That's why I've named my Raspberry Pies after Minions. Currently Dave and Stuart are on 24/7 duty. Lately Kevin is also at work most of the time. When the time comes when they need more help I'm sure more Minions will join in.

Current Tasks

Currently I have e Raspberry Pies on 24/7 duty. Combined they replace my previous power hungry server, saving me about some €120 a year on my electricity bill. Their combined tasks are:

  • Be educational (Main task)
  • Control my SB-Bus
  • Serve some web pages
  • Start my daily backup
  • Database server
  • Lighting control
  • Tweet random messages
  • Reminder service
  • SSH access and tunneling
  • Tor router
  • Energy meter readout
  • MQTT tunnel

And this list will certainly be expanded as time goes by.

Future Tasks

It is difficult to say what future tasks my Minions are going to perform. It all depends on the time I can spend on the projects. Here's a short list of things I'm planning to teach my Minions in the nearby future. The list is by no means complete, or in any particular order of priority."

  • Monitor my refrigerator and freezer
  • Guard my door bell
  • Standby backup for my VPS
  • Become a portable data logger
  • Security camera
  • Become a weather station


Oh and by the way, did I tell you that the Raspberry Pi can run my SB-Assembler Version 3 without any modifications? And on top of that it even supports avrdude (installable from the Debian repository). Now you can even use the Raspberry Pi to develop your 8-bit micro controller projects!