For years and years I haven't really thought about what sort of licensing scheme I would use for my web site and my projects. All this legal stuff doesn't really interest me. OK I would be really pissed off to see someone earning lots of money because of something I had invented, but what can I do about it? Certainly I can't afford hiring a bunch of lawyers to stop them.


This lack of interest in this legal stuff works both ways. I can't be bothered looking for the original copyright holder of a picture for instance. If I need a picture for illustration purposes I tend to search the internet and take whatever fancies me. Don't worry though, if I've used your picture without your consent, simply let me know and I'll remove it and find myself another one. To me it's just a picture, any picture will do.

It's All My Work

I never, ever, just copy a piece of text from the internet *. OK, I might write about subjects I find on other web sites, but I always write things down in my own words. Adding things where I think is necessary, or omitting things which I think are irrelevant.
So if you find a piece of text somewhere on the internet which is a direct copy of what you find here on my site, chances are that someone else has copied it from me. This has happened before, at several occasions.

* I did copy one piece of text about the Hitachi 6309 from The Wayback Machine, just to keep it from vanishing forever.

Sure You Can

Sometimes I'm being asked if it is allowed to use a copy of a certain picture, or a piece of my text. What can I say? Of course you can! If it's just a picture, go ahead, take it. If it's a piece of text or an entire project, go ahead, take it. However the bigger it gets, the more I'm inclined to urge you to put a reference to your source somewhere.

Can I take your hardware project and turn it into a commercial product? I guess you can. I'm not interested in making it a commercial product, unless I specifically state otherwise.
However I would appreciate it if you would want to share a bit of your profits if it turns out to be a big hit.

Creative Commons

Well I guess I could give my self just a little bit of protection, not that I expect to need it or have much benefit from it when I do need it though. Creative Commons is perhaps the licence which is best suited for my purpose. It took me some 15 minutes to set up. Beautiful, now I am sure its the best option for me!

So here it is, my licensing scheme:

Creative Commons License
SB-Projects by San Bergmans is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.