PIC IR Decoders

PIC IR Decoder

All IR Go/Nogo testers have one main disadvantage in common: You can see that the remote control is doing something, but there is no way telling what it is doing. That is going to change with the PIC IR Decoders which are described in this chapter.

With these decoders you can actually see the codes which are transmitted by the remote. All PIC IR Decoders in this chapter share exactly the same hardware, which can be found on the next page. Every supported IR protocol has its own PIC program, which has to be flashed into a PIC16F84.
Maybe I'll get tempted to create one single program that can decode all supported protocols. It all depends on the feedback I get from these pages and on the time I can spend on the project.

How To Use The PIC IR Decoders

For those of you who are in hurry: Using the PIC IR Decoder is simply a matter of using the proper software in the PIC, then point the remote control towards the receiver and start pressing buttons. Every time a legal code is received it is displayed.

For those of you who are not in a hurry and want to know how it all works: Feel free to read all about it on the next pages.