Dear Lazy Student

..., before you waste any more of my valuable time (and probably yours too) read this page first.

I get the occasional request/demand by "students" from all over the world to send them a ready to use project. Apparently it is easier for them to send in my projects as being their own. They probably think "Why bother inventing the wheel all over again when San has already invented it for us".

Here's a nice example of such a mail I received in February 2005:

Hi..Am a third year electronics engineering student currently in
my project semester. i need a microprocessor based(preferably
8085 or 8086) project. Could u please e-mail it to me in case
u have it.
Kindly do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

Until then I had answered these mails politely. But that has changed. I'll simply ignore mails like these. No, better still, I'm going to collect some on of the best ones on this page!

However if you are in need of a project and want to spend as little time on it as possible I may be able to help you out anyway. Simply send me an e-mail telling me what you need and don't forget to include the e-mail address of your teacher/professor. That way I can send the project directly to him, which no doubt will save you even more time!

Some More Examples

pls can you send me the complete circiut
diagrams[transmitter and receiver circuits] that i can
use to build an IR remote controlled table fan.the
control should operate the speed[1,2,3],rotation and
power on/off of the fan.your help in this regard will
be fully appreciated.hope to hear from you soon.
hi sir

i m planning to make a micromouse for a forecoming
competiton. could u suggest me some "white" color
wall detecting cheap sensors .

secondly, if u have a circuit of this ,then please
pass it to me also. third, what kind of motor should
i use?
if i use stepper motor i will not get the torque and
if i use dc  motor i will not get the accuracy. so
please give me a way out.
i have heard tht l293 can be used to control the
speed of dc motor .if yes, please mail me the
circuit .
lastly , please help with controller part. i m
if u have the program or if u know it then please
give it to me for a 16 * 16 matrics

thank you

Here's another one. Either he doesn't get it, or he's trying to be funny.

Subject: from ( not  Lazy Student )


please send me flow chart (PIC16F8x ) for IR ir
transmitter and ir receiver

my prof : [email protected]

And here's another one who has honestly earned himself a place in my hall of shame:

Hi..Am a third year electronics engineering student
currently in my project semester. i need a microprocessor
based. Could u please e-mail it to me in case u have it.
Kindly do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

don't give me code!  some picture is very good
Laugh Out Loud

Not very unique, but the last line earned him a place on this page. Well, here is the picture he asked for.

It's been relatively quiet with lazy students lately. Only about one or two a month dare to mail me. However, this one has definitely earned himself a place among the winners. He didn't even bother translating his request into something I can understand. OK, I do get the idea what he's on about if I run the text through Google's translator. I wonder...... Shall I respond to him in Dutch? No, he could use Google to translate that too. Why not respond in gibberish....... Nah, too much trouble, I've got better things to do with my time.

Buduje wlasnie taki projekt o nazwie: mikroprocesorowy
zegar- inteligentny kombajn czasu (projekt avt kit2721).
Wszystko byloby pieknie gdyby nie programowanie. Ja
niestety nie mam pojecia jak napisac program do tego
projektu aby w pelni wykorzystac opisane w projekcie
funkcje. Gdyby pan/i miat taki program bylbym

Reading, how hard can it be. I can't really call the next one lazy. He bothered writing a rather lengthy mail, instead of reading my page about guessing a random number. It's not exactly what he is looking for, but adapting the program to do what is requested shouldn't be too difficult (if he had paid attention in class that is).

I m sorry to bother u with my question but youre my
last chance becaouse honestly i don t know z80 and i
found you please reply me if u want and can with a
full solution to this i m a student i cant resolve
this problem and i desperatly need help.

so my question is
writing a program that generates a random number
between 0 and 15 when i press the GO key
The random number generation is done using Z80 CTC
which counst continously,and when i press GO the
counter value will be read .
The number generated in this way must be guessed
by the user by me using the keyboard.If the number
entered from the keyboard will be different from
one generated by CTC the machine will genereate a
sound.If they are equal the number will be displayed
oon the 7segment disply ..

I m using
Micro Professor MPF-1B Z80 Training System

Please reply me soon i m desperate and u re my
last chance