The Legendary Micro Professor MPF-1


In this corner of my web site I would like to add a little tribute to the legendary Micro Professor MPF-1. This single board computer was designed in the eighties by Multitech Industrial Corporation (forerunner of Acer) and was used as a training computer for learning Z80 assembly language.

I have always been charmed by its design from the very first moment I saw this little computer. However the relatively high price kept me from buying one. A few years ago a friend of mine, a former teacher, managed to salvage some of these computers from the scrap heap and gave me a few. I've redistributed all but one of them to others again.
Believe it or not but the MPF-1B is still being produced, almost 25 years later, by Flite Electronics.

My guess is that many of the early generation of embedded programmers have learned their first assembling steps on this machine. After some Googling I was rather disappointed by the lack of software for this computer on the web. With these pages I hope to make a small change to that.
With the risk of doing other people's homework I intend to create some small projects based on the MPF-1B. These projects will give my MPF-1B other tasks to do than the one he's been doing during the past few years, which was fully automated dust collecting.

The MPF-1B projects are solely intended to give my MPF-1B some exercises to avoid it getting too lazy. In the mean time you may benefit from my projects as well, hopefully encouraging you to develop some projects of your own which you can share with the rest of the world as well.
I'm always willing to help people who have problems understanding my projects. However the lazy ones will not be rewarded with my help, I will simply ignore them. So don't start asking me to do your homework, you only risk being included in my hall of shame of lazy students.